The Doghouse Kennel


8am-12noon (daily)

4pm-6pm (daily)

We have a $25 fee for opening out of hours. 

 We charge a lot like a motel. You pay for the day you drop off, no matter when you drop off, you do not pay for the day you check out IF you are picking up before we close at noon. If you pick up between the 4-6pm window, you WILL pay for that day. 

We are closed for pick up and drop off on Christmas Eve at 12noon, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday.


                                            Jack - Our resident kitty!





We are located at 31241 Dog House Drive

Salisbury, MD 21804 

Phone: 410-543-2525

Fax: 410-860-2124 

                                            Our Employees


 Laura (Janet's Daughter)- Laura has been Manager of the kennel since 2011. She also currently works full time at the kennel and is also a full time college student. After being around animals her entire life and working at animal hospitals off and on for the last 10 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge and incredible intuition with the animals.  Laura lives with her 5 cats and 4 dogs. She also helps care for her family's 3 horses.




Carie - We can not say enough good things about Carie. She truly loves every dog she meets. Cats were new to her when she first started with us, but she's quickly learned to love them too. Carie is currently dogless, but we know that won't last too long. She is truly a "big dog" person, having recently owned Newfoundlands, a French Mastiff and an English Mastiff. She is a true asset to our team.