The Doghouse Kennel

New Policy: During peak times we may ask for a non-refundable deposit before holding your reservation.

                                            General Information


Cats are kept in a separate room away from the dogs. The cats are in a pen with a shelf and are allowed in the cat room or play area daily. They are brushed or just petted if they want and have access to catnip, toys, and a scratching post. They have 2 large windows to look out of and can see into the check-in area through a french door. They are not allowed outside the cat room, but they are allowed out individually into the cat room daily when their pen is being cleaned. The Kennel is heated, air conditioned, and equipped with a fire alarm.


All cats are required to be up to date on Rabies and FVRCP. We do not require the Feline Leukemia vaccine but need to be notified of any cat who has tested positive for FELV or FIV. We ask for proof of vaccinations by the veterinarian before the cat is boarded.


We try to supply the food if possible. We keep dry Purina Cat Chow and canned Fancy Feast stocked. All cats have food and water left out at all times unless otherwise requested. We feed in the AM and PM as requested. Owners may bring food from home if helpful for the cat.


We supply all bedding but owners can bring something special from home if it fits okay and is washable. We will supply the litter pans and bowls. We ask that owners leave all cat bowls at home.


There is no extra charge for any medication the owner supplies. 


The rate for all cats is $14.00 daily. 

The only additional charge is:

$15.00 for a flea treatment if your cat comes in with evidence of fleas.